SchildiChat is an Android Matrix Client based on Element.

Compared to the Element app, SchildiChat features following changes:


Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot

Where can I get it?


The FOSS variant (without closed-source code) is available from the official F-Droid repositories. However, this variant does not allow for push notifications, and thus might feature increased battery drain and a higher delay for delivering messages.

If you prefer the variant that features push notifications, you can get it from my personal F-Droid repository.

Google Play Store

At the moment, SchildiChat is not available from the Google Play Store in order to avoid legal complications caused by the US export regulations in regard to software with inbuilt encryption.

You probably want to use the variant from my personal F-Droid repository instead. In case SchildiChat becomes available in the Play Store in the future, this version should allow for an upgrade without the need to re-install the app.

Direct download

If you don't want to install F-Droid, you can also download the latest version here.

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